Friday, September 19, 2008

Celebrity Matchup


  1. It didn't match you up with your real life twin...Jennifer Love Hewitt?!? I swear you could be related to her.

    But, NOOOOOO... you don't get any DUDES for your look-alikes... you get Angelina Jolie! You suck! LOL

    Is the second girl from Heroes? I don't know the other two.

  2. Yes the second girl is on Heros. The third is Jennifer Beal and I don't know who the forth on is.

  3. Ok, Michelle - I finally found your blog.
    HOW DID YOU GET THAT POSTED? I was trying last night and couldn't get the widget to work?!!!!
    Mine's going up tomorrow with just a link...

  4. Hey, you matched up with lots of pretty girls! Which is much better than your buddy Dawn fared! :)

    I know you'll see this so....Love you, Dawn!


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