Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Asleep At Last

Ty is at the age "almost 2" 22 months that he has figured out how to get out of his crib.

So, for the past few weeks he is getting harder and harder to keep in his bed. We finally put a gate on his door, but he is determined to get in and out of his bed and try to get over the gate. It has started to become a game to him.

So today I hear him in there for almost an hour, I would go in about every 15 minute, say "No, No, it's time to go to sleep" and put him back in his bed but he kept getting out he wasn't crying or screaming he just wanted me to know he could get out and play and wasn't going to sleep no matter how tired he was.
Finally he got totally quite. So I go to look in on him and this is what I see... He finally fell asleep.
Of course..while taking this picture, he woke up, but the good news is that I put him in his bed and he went back to sleep!!! Yea


  1. LOL That is hilarious!! He looks worn out. How long was he able to sleep before you had to get him up to go get the kids from school?

  2. He slept about an hour. At least he woke up in a good mood. :)

  3. Darn those blog pics...we HAVE to have them, but at what cost I ask you?! Soo cute! J4 has not figured out how to climb out of her crib so tell Ty not to share his secrets ; )

  4. poor kiddo. let me know when this probelm gets resolved because our little sterling won't stay in his bed. i have no idea what to do.

    also, love the yearbook pics. so funny! i'll have to try when i get a few minutes!

    and...i tried to call you this morning. you were on the phone. really? YOU? on the phone?



  5. Found your blog browsing as I click on one then another then another and so on. The name of your blog caught my eye. The name Foggy Bottom is used in the mystery books by Margaret Truman. I think she uses it as the name of a neighborhood in Washington D.C., the locale of most of her books. Anyway, so now I am curious how you happen to pick The Froggy Bottom. It is an eyecatcher for sure. Enjoyed your blogs. I totally recognize the looks from the 1970's. That was when I was in high school. I'll have to try that site.


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