Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Monkey or Future Olympian?

The other day my 5 year old son decided he wanted to climb one of the trees in our backyard. He of course asked my husband first, but we had no idea he would be able to climb all the way to the top. My daughter who is 8 can't get in this tree at all.
When I came outside to tell everyone it was time to come into eat dinner, I about had heart failure.
In a few short moments I felt all these emotions. My first reaction was  anger "get out of that tree right now!" Then it was fear, "be careful, don't break anything". Lastly it was amusement "wow, I can't believe he climbed all the way up there, wait a minute and let me get my camera"! 
So, I ran in got my camera and he was happy to smile in his joy of accomplishment, and I took these pictures of Trey. Then I promptly asked him to come down slowly! lol


  1. i have to ask where you live..that looks just like my back yard for the most part except our tractor doesnt have a front end loader on it and its wayyyy older
    maybe i should clarify...what part of OK? we live on the IL River NE of Tahlequah....
    have a great week....

  2. I would probably react the same way you did. Don't know if I would have thought of the camera though. Glad it turned out okay. What a climber he is! Probably no fear of heights, which I do have.

  3. LOL That would have freaked me out! But, I'm glad you remembered to take a picture before having him come down. Now that's a smart momma!

  4. I CANNOT believe he is that high in that tree! I would definitely be having a fit too. but you had the presence of mind to snap a pic. Great job. I am NOT going to let my 5 year old get a peek at these pics of your 5 year old! :) He might get some ideas. Have a great weekend.

  5. wow! that is impressive! Boys have no fear, do they?

  6. Man, that's really high! I can't believe he got all the way up there! Just wait until Ty gets big enough and you have two daredevils on your hands!

  7. loved the picture. what a climber. my five year old is the climber in the family fear.


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