Friday, January 23, 2009


What a week. We have really crossed some bridges. First, we went to Oklahoma City to find out what Our Neurologist thought about the CT Scans we had done last month.

It's all Good News!! Praise the Lord! The doctor thinks his head is developing great. It has not refused. It is growing at the right rate.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about Ty was born with Craniosysthosis. A medical condition in which some or all of the sutures in the skull of an infant or child close too early, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth. It can result in skull deformity caused by the premature closure of the cranial sutures.

I know that is a lot to take in, but when Ty was 4 months old he had part of his scull removed. It was horrifying, but it had to be done. A babies scull can grow back if they are under 6 months old!!

Pictures Before the Surgery. Notice how his forehead bulges and his head is very narrow.

Pictures After the Surgery. Probably the scariest thing I have ever been through.

Now back on for the good news. We don't have to go back to OK City for 18 months!! We are so grateful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses that we worked with. Such an amazing group of people.

The second part to this story is that about a year ago, Ty wasn't walking. What?? You say. I know it is hard to believe as active as he is now, but it was very strange for any of you who know us. You will remember he walked on his knees everywhere. It was quite strange to watch. He did get were he wanted to go just not the normal way. When he would stand it would be on the very tips of his toes. I mean the VERY tips. Ouch! I don't know how he did it.

A friend of ours told us about Sooner Start.

Oklahoma's early intervention program is designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers with disabilities and developmental delays.
Sooner Start services may include:
Diagnostic and evaluation services
Case management
Family training, counseling, and home visits
Certain health services
Nursing services
Nutrition services

Who is eligible?
Infants and toddlers through 36 months of age who have developmental delays or have a physical or mental condition (such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.) which will most likely cause a developmental delay.

There is no direct cost to families for these services, regardless of the their income. This program is mandated by federal and state law and is funded through various state and federal sources.

It is such a wonderful program. I would recommend it to anyone that thinks they need assistance with their child.

We had them come into our house and based on his assessment we qualified for the program. We had braces made for his legs. They gave me exercises to do with him and we did some physical therapy also and over the past year he has done awesome.

Ty with Lara and Jennifer our wonderful friends who came out and worked with Ty. We love them.

On Thursday they came out and we have decided to close his case based on how well he is doing.

So..can I say this has been one awesome week at our house.


  1. Wow! Congratulations on all of the good news! PRAISE GOD!

    And THANK YOU for the cookbook! I cant believe I won! How awesome is that???? Very excited! I am still not sure if I am going to make it tonight or not. I will try, and we can work out some other way if I dont.

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. That type of week certainly deserves prayers of thanks. I am so happy for you and your family.

  3. That is great! I'm happy to hear that he is doing so well and he looks like a happy guy!

  4. Oh, the pictures! I'd forgotten how it looked before.

    It really is just amazing how far he has come since he was born and really in the past year.

    Now you need TWO of YOU just to keep up with the little guy! LOL

    I think it's a miracle that he doesn't walk on his toes anymore. Good thing you all had early intervention.

  5. Double great news. I'm very happy for you and your family.

  6. He looks SO good! I'm so happy for him and your family that things went well with his surgery. I can't imagine the stress you all went through. Yay on the perfect checkup!

  7. Wow, this is truly great news. News that God obviously had a great hand in. Those pictures would scar the heart of any mom. But to look at him now, you would never guess that he's been through such an ordeal. Praise God!!!

  8. Wooooo hooooooo! What fabulous news for all of you! If you hadn't done this post, and shown those pictures, I never would have known Ty had any medical problems. Wow. Those after the surgery pictures were scary. Not even just the sutures, but the swelling. Thank God everything has turned out so well for him! HOw is he developmentally these days?

  9. So glad to see everything is wonderful. I had no idea anything was wrong. Thank you for sharing! He is such a sweetie.


  10. Wow, such very good news! I kind of caught snippets of the story tonight at the meet up, but this kind of fills in some of the blanks. Truly amazing. Also, I'm really so glad I got to meet you!

  11. Hey Michelle, just now getting over to your blog, I'm slow forgive please!?!

    Anyway, is that Jennifer Horton? If so she did our SS case with the twins. SS was great. When the boys turned 3 we went directly into OPS with no delays in speech therapy. It has helped so much. The boys were not talking at all at 2 and now won't shut-up (Oh my, some days I think why did we do that? It was so quiet??? J/K)

    Grace is growing up so quickly, seems like yesterday it was just Grace and Alea in MDO together.... now they're big sisters!

    Love your blog.... going to look around a bit:)

  12. Michelle-I am so sorry i couldnt look at the pictures(I have the weakest stomach) BUT I wanted to say i am glad things went so well and it was FAB meeting you last night you are beautiful!

  13. Michelle,
    I am so sorry the little guy had to go through so much. What wonderful news that he's graduated from therapy and completely recovered! He is such a cutie.

  14. Oh, Michelle! I read this yesterday, but didn't have time to leave a proper comment. And, I have been thinking about it ever since.

    First, I cannot even imagine what the last 3 years have been like for YOU. (It's always so much harder on MOM!) To have that sweet babe operated on at 4-months. Wow. I just don't even know what I would do. (I freak out when the boys get even the smallest boo-boo.)

    Second, I would have never imagined that Ty had been through this. All of your children are so beautiful, especially with those big smiles!

    Third, praise God, in deed. How awesome is He!?! I thank Him for being there with Ty (and you!) and that you were able to share this story. It's always good to have a little reminder of how blessed we really are!

    Hope you gals had a FANTASTIC night out. (I was there in spirit...having a glass of wine...or two!) I can't wait to see all of the pics!! :o)

  15. WOW!!! Great news..I am so happy for you. LOVE that last picture.

  16. Our little Romeo is sooo precious! God is good & I consider Ty & All your family a blessing : )

  17. Wow! I'm so glad to hear the good news. My son has an ear tab, and I still haven't gotten that taken care of (out of fear). I can not even begin to imagine how hard it was for you to watch Ty go through that surgery.

  18. Wow! What a struggle you have gone through! Thank you for sharing. Others maybe will see your experience and realize they too can get help if needed. That is how we usually learn about these kinds of things, through word of mouth of others who had success. I am glad Ty is doing well now. Congrats on him being well enough to close the case. Yay!

  19. Hey Michelle... I am finally back in the blogging world.:) I am sooo glad everything is okay with Ty. Just from looking at the pictures... that would have scared me to death too!!!

  20. I found you through Annie H's blog. I too have been through a child having surgery on her head, not for the same reasons, but nonetheless scary and exciting and frazzling all at once. I also used SoonerStart and loved their services. Sooner Start is in huge trouble right now financially, and I'm hoping that the State or Federal Communities will come out of the woodworks to help them out because of all the children that will go without if SS has to shut down any section of what they provide or downsize to stay under budget...

  21. Well, I have to tell you that ever since I read this the first time, I have been thinking about it! I just can hardly believe it! How amazing that is that it healed so nicely and is growing the right way now. He looks great! What a wonderful think to be thankful for!


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