Monday, January 26, 2009

It's all about me! Well sort of....

I have several things I have to get to today. Last week I was given some questions from Annie . She asked if she could interview me. I also received an award from Dawn. I don't know how much time I will have to work on this. With all my kids home from school today. Also, I just found out no school tomorrow either. We are iced in. And it just keeps coming!
Here are a few pictures outside at my house. I can hear the ice falling right now.

Five Questions about Me.
1. Why is your blog called the Froggy Bottom Blog?
My friend Dawn and I went through a search on the web for blog names. I have her to thank for getting me into blogging at all. She tried for several months to get me to until I finally gave in and I am so glad I did. It has been the best experience. If you know anything about my kids you would know that they love frogs. In the summer they catch them all the time. Then we saw this name and it just fit. Also, one of my favorite movies is Oh Brother Where Art Thou, the name of the group in it "The Froggy Bottom Boys". It's kind of weird but that is how I came up with the name.
2. What is something that grosses you out or scares you that most people may not be bothered by? I am scared of someone taking my children or something happening to my children. I also worry about drowning or one of them drowning. We have a pool and sometimes it scares me having it. We also have a creek behind our house and I worry about that also. I can't stand needles or blood. Which is funny because I love scary movies. I won't ever get a tattoo because I would never be able to stand being around a needle for that long.

3. How did you meet your husband?
I met my husband though a mutual friend. I am so glad she introduced us. She had no idea that I would be interested in him. I have actually reconnected with her guessed it FaceBook! We started talking and the rest is history. We have been together for almost 16 years. We started dating when I was 20 years old! I knew in the first month that I wanted to marry him but we waited 3 years to get married. It was well worth it.

4. What top 5 blessings has God given you in your life?
My Husband
My 3 beautiful children
My families health
My relationship with my family
My wonderful friendships.

5. Who is your hero?
My Mom She has more strength, grace and beauty than anyone I know. She is also the one who shared the Lord with me first. I love her.

Dawn honored me with this little award. Thanks Dawn!

As you know, there are rules with these awards. That's ok with me. I need some guidelines to get me through these things.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Some of you may already know these things but, that's ok just humor me. lol!

My middle name is Paige. When I was a kid I wished people would call me that instead of Michelle because I knew so many people named Michelle.

I am a night owl. I could stay up late every night. I hate getting up in the morning.

I love scary movies. Actually I love to watch movies period! Tom hates scary movies so he has had to learn to watch them. He loves Sci-Fi so we have learned to watch both together.

I am double jointed and so are all three of my children actually Tom is too! Pretty crazy. Tom and I are also both left handed which makes it really nice at our house.

I would prefer a beer over a mixed drink. I am adding this one because Dawn commented on how cool it looks to drink a beer! lol She really doesn't like beer. I probably couldn't pay her to drink one.

I wish I had an accent..I mean like I was from Australia or something. Really how cool would that be?? I think about living in another country. I wouldn't mind it at all. I think it would be such an adventure. I can't wait till my kids are older and we can travel.

Speaking of George Clooney earlier in my post. My parent are good friends with George's Aunt and Uncle. They live right here in Owasso. more thing. I am addicted to Facebook!

Finally take this little quiz and see how addicted to blogging you are! Take the test if you dare!!


  1. Great post! I love that your mom is your hero. And as for the quiz...I probably shouldn't take it - I'm scared what it might tell me : (

    Congrats on your award!

  2. I'm laughing at the beer comment. You sexy thang you.

    The picture of the bird is really cool. You just keep feeding them so they stay away from my house. LOL!

    Your mom is just precious. What a great role model you've had in her.

  3. Love those pictures - the ice is insane but pretty, isn't it?

    Fun answers to the questions, and I love the name Paige.

  4. Great interview!!! Hope your "ice vacay" is fun w/the family ; )
    Hope to see you soon!!! Stay warm!!!

  5. I don't usually stay up late but wish that I would. I wake up so early that if I stayed up I'd only get about 4 hours of sleep. Ha!

    I like foo-foo drinks like margaritas... mmmmm.

    Your mother sounds like a really great person. You are so lucky!

  6. Ooh ooh ooh, great post, Michelle! The great thing about getting a tattoo, is that you can't actually see the needleS (and that is plural, because usually there are a bunch going at once. I have four myself, and would get another right now if I had the money.
    SciFi...Ghost Hunters!!!!!!!!!
    I loved the pictures... you and Tom are such a good looking couple and your mom is just stunning.

    And WOW, you're BOTH double jointed? All I'm going to say to that is, BOINKALICIOUS! LOL

    Justine :o )

  7. The storm is coming our way... I think we'll be snowed in tomorrow. I loved that picture of the bird and the iced over bird feeder.

  8. just learned a lot about you! and I am such a night owl too... love staying up late... until the morning comes, then ouch. and i agree with previous poster, the bird/ice picture is really pretty.

  9. A fun post! Fun to learn more about others.

  10. That's a lot of great information there Michelle. Those are awesome pics of the ice, even if it is an awful experience to live through, it's still pretty in pictures. I love that picture with the bird in it too (sorry, I don't know bird names).
    I still don't understand why I am so much more adicted to blogging than everyone else!!! I demand a recount!

  11. Hello Paige!

    I made the test! I'm "only" addicted to 68%!

    Double-jointed! Would like to some photos! :-)

  12. Loved the test. Wonder what Georgie's score would be?
    I got 54% which made me wonder if I was being truthful about my addiction.
    Actually, I'm worse about Facebook!!

  13. Thanks for adding me! I will add you as well! I am anxious to see how things continue to go with Ty and his great advancements! I am so excited that he is doing well enough to no longer need SS Services!
    I have often thought about moving to Australia just to pick up the accent and then moving back to the states. I thought about this for many years until someone said "well, what'll happen when you move back and lose it?" and that dumbfounded me. Hmmm...
    OMG! I have had facebook for such a long time and only recently began really getting into it!
    Thanks for the stop by! =D


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