Friday, August 22, 2008

They just make me smile.

Sometimes my kids say the funniest things. Yesterday Trey got some new Pokemon cards. He opened them up and said "Mom! I have been trying to get this card for 4 years!" I just had to smile and say "Wow Trey, that's awesome, I can't believe you have been trying to get that card since you were 1 year old".  He said, without blinking. "I know isn't it amazing." lol


  1. LOL I could just eat him up! He's cute AND funny!

  2. That is so cute! Kids are so dramatic! And when we get to see how "little things" just absolutely make their day... thats priceless!

  3. Love it! Girls aren't the only ones w/ a lil' drama ; ) My boys are always saying things like that...I'm thinking WHERE do they learn it? ; )
    We'll have to get the boys together soon!!


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