Saturday, August 30, 2008

Houston We've Landed

Please pray for my 5 year old son Trey. He has left on a trip to Houston with my mother in law for the 3 day weekend.
I know he will have a great time, but number one he has never been on an airplane, number two, he has never been away from us. Number three, he will be gone for 3 days!
Just pray that he doesn't get homesick, because he won't be able to just come home, and that he feels comfortable with Nana and Toms sister and her family. He knows all of them, he just hasn't spent a lot of time with them.
I think I was more nervous this morning when he left then he was.
Just keep him in your prayers..Thanks :)

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  1. I will pray for him all weekend. And, you! :)
    He will have a ton of fun playing with his cousin and the time will probably just fly by. Will they call sometime today?


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