Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making Memories

Grace was invited to her friend Emily's birthday party the other night and they went on a scavanger hunt. She had the best time.
First they had a "Make Over" which you can see from the picture and then each parent took 3 girls and drove around to different places, for example The Movie Theater, Target, Chick fil A, the park where they had to find their goodie bags, even the Principle's house! They collected items, took pictures,  had to sing, and a number of other things. I thought this was a great idea for a party and the girls had a blast!  It's so fun to watch your children create great memories.


  1. She looks adorabbbblllleeee!!!!

    I'm seriously considering doing a scavenger hunt at some point. Maybe our bunco group could do one?!?! Wouldn't that be fun?

    Aud is a pretty creative gal to have come up with all that!

  2. Soo cute! The party sounds like a GREAT idea ; )
    These will be super memories!!

  3. How fun!! I am just not that creative! Love to hear all these ideas though! Grace is just beautiful! Before too long you are going to have boys pounding down the door!!


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