Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Business!

This week is Spring Break at our house and thank goodness my whole family is WELL!!! My hubby also took vacation so we have been doing a lot around the house.

We played outside Wednesday because the weather was awesome! It was in the 80's but we had a cool front come through last night so the highs were in the 60's today still not bad for March but not as beautiful as yesterday.

One of our Bradford Pear Trees.
Forsythia is the first sign of spring in our backyard.
I actually laid out in the sun and read a book. Does it get much better than that?! We got the sprinkler out and Grace and Trey had a blast in it. As you can see from the pictures.
Ty wasn't as sure about the water. He mostly stayed out of it.
Tom and I went to the Elton John concert Tuesday night and I will be posting about that soon. It was awesome!! I had to use an old camera because they wouldn't let me take in my new one. We can't find the old cable to transfer the pictures anywhere so he might have to take it somewhere to get them off loaded! More to come later...


  1. Looks like the kids were having a blast!

    Oh, I love forsythia!!!!!! I miss them, but they don't grow here in FL as far as I know.

    Enjoy "your" week off!

    Justine :o )

  2. Ah Spring.
    Ah Spring Break.
    Ah Trees Blooming.
    Ah Healthy Kids in the Sprinkler.

    BAM - Elton John Concert!!!!!!

    It all sounds wonderful, Michelle!

    Enjoy the last day of Break.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful spring break. The weather has been gorgeous and we haven't been able to keep from going outside either.

  4. I saw Elton John back in 1980 I think. I don't know about now, but back them when he would wear all those crazy outfits, he put on the best show ever. I would love to see him again someday.

    We've had some great weather here too. Enjoy!!

  5. So glad you guys enjoyed the break! We have it in a couple more weeks.

    Love that golden Forsythia in spring!

  6. Sprinkler pics are always my fav. Sounds like a really great week!

  7. Great pics, especially the sprinkler ones! Love it!

  8. That picture of Grace in the sprinkler cracked me up. It looked like the pressure from the water was holding her up in the air! haha!!

    Great shots!! I know you're enjoying that new camera.

    I'm glad your clan was all well for spring break. I sure wish mine would have been.

    Hopefully next week we will have some nice weather and we can get the little ones outside to play.

  9. Looks like they had a blast in the sprinkler! Great pics too!

    I missed getting to meet you! I wish you could've made it! Hopefully soon though!

    I'm glad everyone is better!

  10. Michelle,
    Amazing pictures! So nice to get back outside. I actually had to take out a map to realize how far South you guys are. Can't believe you could get out the sprinkler. The pictures with the water are amazing. You are quite the photographer. Congrats!


  11. Good Monday morning, Michelle!
    I read about your two last weeks and I am really happy too, that children were healthy during holiday week!
    Our spring is still faraway except increasing light,but it will come!
    It is good, if you also can get that photography class - learning is fun together :)
    Have a nice week Michelle!

  12. That seems to have been a real - almost summer - day! The best was of course to see Grace's smile!

  13. It certainly looks like you had a good Spring Break. We sure got lucky with the warm weather, didn't we?

  14. last week the weather was perfect & now this weekend... SNOW!!! just crazy!

  15. Elton is one of my favorites! So jealous!!

  16. Whoa! When were you doing this? I am behind on reading blogs. Today I am catching up on yours.


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