Friday, March 13, 2009

Are we having fun yet???

This has been a week of staying at home with sick children. It started with Ty getting sick with the Croup. I took him to the doctors office on Tuesday because he was sounding like Darth Vader. The poor guy could barley breath.

Luckily we have an awesome pediatrician that fixed him right up by giving him a steroid shot. The bad part was it made Ty irritated and wired. He couldn't decided what he wanted to watch Dora or Word World, no...Word Word World..You see where I am going with this. Talk about fun! I have  watched more of both of those shows and any one person should have to watch in a lifetime!
I missed my Moms Day Out on Wednesday and stayed home with him.  Wednesday night Trey decided to get sick. He was running a fever , headache. He ended up staying home Thursday and Friday.
Thursday morning Grace woke up with the stomach flu. Yuck!!
Can I paint a picture of projectile vomit all over my bathroom! Thank God we don't have carpet in there. I have spent much of my time sterilizing the house washing towels and sheets and trying to keep all of them for cross contaminating each other.

Now as we start spring break I am hoping that everyone will be well so we can actually enjoy the week. We can all use a vacation.


  1. Oh, I'm so soryy everyone has been feeling ill. There is nothing more sad or more trying to a mother than a sick child. Here's to hoping your spring break is relaxing and germ-free!!

  2. Oh no! Isn't that how it always goes though? Is your son an asthmatic? Both Hannah and Ethan caught a cold (with the phlegmy cough) from their cousin...they are both asthmatics, and have to do breathing treatments with steroids. They are a lot less potent than the shot though!

  3. Hi Michelle,

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  4. Oh gross, Michelle! I hope the kids are all on the mend and that you and hubby stay healthy!

    Justine :o )

  5. I'm glad your kids are finally feeling better!! You've had quite a week!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you all this week. =)

  6. Hi Michelle,
    oooh poor you and I hope you and your poor sick kiddies are feeling better, hmmm well weekend is a small kind of vacation and be carefull dear!
    Thank for visiting my blog , I like your blog too, in weekend we have always a small sabbatical (in other words I am not on internet in weekends)

    Good weekwishes form JoAnn/Holland

  7. I prayed for your family this week, hope all is now well!!!

  8. Wow...that's just no fun!

    Hope this is a better week for you guys!

  9. It's not always easy to have young kids! It's not necessarily getting easier when they grow up! (Sorry if I discourage you!) :-)

  10. ugghh we had the same thing going around our house. Except I was the one hit the hardest! I didn't get out of bed all weekend. (well almost all weekend). Leaving hubby to take care of the kids on this own!

  11. I was unable to read your entire post but want to say get well soon all of you.

  12. Hey I'm back -- I've been so so busy with school and the new puppy! Hope all is going well at your house. I have alot to catch up on.


  13. oh girl, I hope your Spring break is faring much better than your week BEFORE Spring Break! That's just plain awful. We've had one sick over the break and I think that #2 is in the beginning stages. Icky Stomach bug. Take care!


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