Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

This week I have been in touch with several old friends. It got me thinking about my college years.  I had a lot of fun those first couple of years. I met Tom when I was 20 and settled down quickly.
My first year in college I lived in the dorms with my good friend Carrie. Man, we had so much fun together.

You have to love dorm live. Staying up to late, eating horribly, and of course all the new freedom that living on your own for the first time brings.

My friend Carrie now lives in Texas and has 4 beautiful children and married to a really wonderful guy. She like myself got her teaching degree and but both of us stay home with our children now.

Her family still lives close to where we live and I have kept up with them.
There is just nothing like being 18, living on your own and going away and being a freshman in college.
Could my hair get any bigger? LOL


  1. ahh college. I remember being a freshman, living in the dorms. Going to Sonic at night and getting something to snack on while we watched Love Line on MTV.
    ohh the good ole day of 11:00 classes and late nights with the girls.

  2. I wasn't such a fan of dorm life. I am one of those people who really likes to have her own space (spoiled, I know) ; )

    Love your photo though! So glad you joined us this week!

  3. Sounds like fun times, and long-lasting friendships are really just plain awesome. Glad you have such fun memories!

  4. That's a lot of hair, Michelle.
    A LOT.
    Ahhhh... the dorms...

  5. Haircut fashion may change, but frienship can and must remain!

  6. Good for you! I was bored a few weeks back and found a few people from my distant/not so distant past. They emailed once or twice then fell off the edge of the earth...hmmmm..

  7. Yea, you were rockin the Big hair!! LOL...

  8. I missed out on all of that. I didn't even go to college! But from what I saw through Jimmy living in a dorm, it did NOT look like fun. It looked scuzzy and institutional!

    Justine :o )

  9. Thanks for the walk down memory lane...oh and i think my hair was bigger than yours

  10. Knowing your hair now it even makes this picture funnier!! LOL!! I don't know how you did it!! That's HUGE!! LOL!!

    I loved living in the dorm. I wouldn't have wanted to for four years but I think one year is great!!


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