Monday, February 2, 2009

Chuck 3D

This season of new 'must-see' television brings a whole new dimension to Mondays. In a brilliant, post-superbowl, marketing twist, it is revealed that Chuck on NBC will air tonight in 3-D!

What is not commonly known, however, is that both Chuck and Sarah are secretly the alter-egos of the real-life tech and secret agents; Tom and Michelle.

Join us tonight where only using your utra-secret decoder government issued 3-D glasses will their true identity be revealed. In a rare and argueably doctored image (notice how the bodies look heavier and less busty than in real life), both Tom and Michelle step forward as the master-minds behind this true-life documentary.

Families and children equipped with these special lenses will no doubt recognize the true identity of these super sleuths. The secret is safe with us.

Please note: This episode will re-air on Tuesday evening through your local NBC affiliate. If you haven't watched Chuck, you should start NOW!


  1. We love Chuck! We watch them online after they've aired. We have to download them....wonder where we can get some 3-D glasses over here??

    You guys are too the pic with all the glasses!

  2. What the heck is Chuck? I've never heard of it! But your hubby and kids sure do look cute with their 3D glasses on!
    And, you posted this yesterday? It only updated on my blog now!

    Justine :o )

  3. Everyone looks awesome in those 3D glasses! Cute!

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  5. You guys are so cute with your glasses! I have to check out Chuck (just fun to say that really). I have never seen it! Thanks for the tip. I love my TV...

  6. Okay, I totally forgot to come and leave a comment after we got off the phone the other night. I saw the pictures from my phone and then never came over to comment! Aye!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. You are mastermind genius transposing the heads! LOL!

  7. Something which I with my squinting eyes (operated but anyhow) would not be able to fully enjoy! I guess non in your family has that problem! :-)

  8. 3D glasses make me cross eyed, but it looks like your famliy is having fun!!!

  9. I'm not familiar with the show, but those pics are great!!

  10. Hehehe, looks like fun at your place. Cute picture!

  11. LOVE your pictures. Doc wouldn't let me take one of him in his glasses. :)
    Chuck is one of our favorite shows! Couldn't stand wearing the glasses tho - gave up after maybe 5 minutes.
    Awesome pic of the alt. Chuck/Sarah. Cracked me up!

  12. i passed something on to you today - check it out when you get a chance :)

  13. I have never seen that show. Maybe I should check it out.


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