Monday, December 8, 2008

Strike a Pose!

This weekend was the big day. After rehearsals and fittings the AG Fashion Show was here. We had to get there 45 minutes early for the girls to get ready. The Show was to benefit Junior League of Tulsa.
They really had the room set up pretty. Each table was named after each AG doll they had snacks and drinks set out on each table. It was so fun.

This was the first outfit she came out in. Grace was dressed up like one of her favorite dolls Samantha.

Grace and another little girl that was dressed like Samantha's friend Nellie. I love that balloon arch. That would be great for a party.Grace as Addy. Can you see the resemblance?? Just Kiddin :)On the Catwalk in Molly's PJ's

Grace with my mom and I. I can't wait we talk about going on trips together someday when Grace is older.I just love this picture of my mom and Grace. Such sweet memories.


  1. great pix!!!!! how cool was that American Girl show wow

  2. looks like a great time. such a girlie thing!! i love it!!! stay warm!

  3. This absolutely must be the highlight of Grace's life so far. I know it would have been mine.
    Too cute and such fun!!

  4. Thanks for your visit to my blog!

    This is my first visit here! Looks like a very nice show! Your daughter really looks lovely and happy!(Who made the dresses? I may have missed something from previous posts.)

  5. She was definitely the cutest girl there! It did look like a great show.

  6. That must have been a blast. My daughter would have loved something like that when she was younger. You got great pictures.

  7. So cute!!! And I have one of those gorgeous moms, too. I always hear, "Are y'all sisters?" She loves it....

  8. I was showing your red first car to my husband and he said, that he could not dare to give such to our son :)
    Our children can get their driving license only as 18 years old and many of them have still very bad attitudes, when they want to show, how fast or fine they can drive. It`s happening a lot of accidents here.
    You have so wonderful family including your young mom :)
    You will get many nice trips together, I guess.
    I have been with my daughter`s family many times in Greece, Italy and Canary islands. it has been fun.
    But now I and my husband are going to China next April, it will be very exciting.

    I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and happy, happy new year!

  9. How cute is that?! Looks like an awesome time!

  10. i love those pictures michelle! looks like she had a great time...she's so cute! love you! blessings!

  11. Hi Michelle, and thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I see you're also a bloggy friend to Jill Jill Bo Bill. Is she hysterical, or what?

    Your family is gorgeous, and oh my goodness, how much fun did Grace have walking the catwalk looking like an AG doll? I am SO thankful neither one of my girls ever showed any interest in them. Ka Ching!!!!!!

    And hey, you love to read too! It's one of my addictions. I always have a book somewhere near me, and cannot go to sleep at night until I've read for at least 45 minutes or so. Ah, ain't it great?

    I'm going to add (oops, I just wrote ass on accident and had to delete it) you to my blog roll. But OMG, it's getting so long that it seems to take me days to read everyone's posts!

    Justine :o )

  12. So adorable! My daughter would have loved it!

  13. what a super fun experience! And for you to be able to sit there and watch is so awesome. The only fashion shows my girls have done, I had to be in to. So, I couldn't enjoy, rather, I worried I was going to step off the end of the catwalk and into the crowd!

    Have a great day!


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