Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade

Saturday my dad took the kids and were in a Christmas Parade. I was really surprised how much Trey enjoyed it. It was really windy, but you know kids they didn't mind.
Ty was so excited to see all the cars and horses.

This is my dad's carriage and horse. He rebuilt it and painted it himself he really is very handy.
My dad gets totally into the whole act even with the Top Hat.Tom and I before we went out to his work Christmas party. I was pretty tired after a day of dress shopping with my brothers fiance, but hey a few hours without the kids is always a treat.


  1. I just love your dad's carriage. What a treat for the kids to get to ride in the parade with him.

    You and Tom look fabulous! And, you're right... we can always have enough left in us if it means a night out without kids! LOL

  2. How cool is that?! Riding in a horse drawn carriage in a parade! That would have been so much fun. Lucky ducks.

    Hope y'all had a good night. Even if only for a few hours sans kids.

  3. Looks like fun! We did that the other day and then went and watched fireworks. The kids loved it.


  4. How cute! I'll bet your kids love it!
    I'm going to admit -- your dad reminds me of the actor in Groundhog Day. Was he the mayor or something? The one who heads up the town festivities.
    I think it's the hat or something.

  5. I bet the kids had so much fun being in a parade!!! I would love that! The pictures are great!

  6. That is so sweet! You & Tom look gorgeous!!!

  7. Oh wow, that must have been so fun for the kids, and your dad looks awesome all duded up like that! Man, I wish I knew someone who owned their own horse! I love those critters.
    And wow, you and hubby looked HOT. How was the party?

    Justine :o )

  8. What a fun day for the kids!! You and your hubby look great. Hope the party was a blast too.

  9. Stopping by again to thank you for the birthday wishes. All the wonderful comments from everyone really made my day!

  10. looks like a fun day for everyone. Hope tomorrow is great with the kids back to school!

  11. What a beautiful couple!! Hope you guys had a fun time.

    And, your dad is so cool. My boys are blessed with "fun" grandparents, too. Love that carriage!!

  12. I believe I'm not the perfect grandfather; I must let grow my beard!


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