Friday, December 12, 2008

Freaky Friday!

What a day! We took Ty in to have a 3D CT scan done on his head. We have had some concerns about a prior surgery he had done when he was a baby and wanted to check somethings out.
We got to the hospital at 8:15a.m. The procedure is only 2 MINUTES, problem is he is 2 years old and he had to stay totally still. Right! Good luck with that. So they had to sedate him. He went down with a fight but we finally got it done and left the hospital around 1:00 p.m.
Here are some pictures we took of him. He looks so sweet when he is knocked out!
Ty in the tube "space ship".

The cool red lights. The pictures aren't that great because they were taken on a phone camera.
But you know how we are we must have pictures!!!!
Back in the room..see I said he looked like a little angel.
We were so glad. When he woke up he was in a good mood. Kind of out of it but doing just great!
Now onto my other son...

Trey came come today and said "mom, I don't get to go on the playground Monday". When I asked him why, he quickly answered me, "Because Nathan slapped me in the face so I punched him in the stomach twice." So...I thought to myself, how do I handle this? I am thinking good for you Trey, you defended yourself, but on the other hand, he needs to know not to hit others.

So, I got my composure together and proceeded to tell him that he shouldn't hit anyone and if it happens again to just tell the teacher. Not to hit back.
Then I ask him how it all started and he says "on the playground he pushed me out of the line then I pushed him out of the line, then he pushed me..then I pushed him...then he pushed me...then I pushed him. Ok, you see were I am going with this. '

My daughter is in third grade and has never gotten into trouble. This in new territory for me. He is only in Kindergarten and already been in trouble twice.

How could anyone be upset at that face??

The first time he got in trouble "drum roll" was for Kissing a boy, I was like! Yikes!!! Now I can say I think he was just showing his affection for a good friend and it was on the cheek, none the less it's just not something you want to get a email about from your child's teacher. It appears as I have a very passionate child, in good ways and bad.

I love this boy! It's going to be fun to see what the future holds with him.

Wow! I am glad this day is almost over. Tomorrow I am going to look at wedding dresses with my brother's fiance and Tom and I have a Christmas Party tomorrow night. It's going to be a fun!!! I'm just glad the clock starts over everyday. :)


  1. What a day you had! And I agree, it is good the clock starts over each day and we can hope the next day is better.

  2. What great pics!!I was thinking about you this morning. I am praying for positive results for lil' Ty! That pic of Trey is A-dorable!!! I'm w/you, who couldn't love that face?!? However boys are just so different than girls, they are way more physical??!!
    Have fun tomorrow!!! It made me think of the wedding dress Friends episode ; )

  3. The teacher in me is SCREAMING. A child his age should not be punished after the weekend. All discipline problems should be dealt with that day and not carry over. That is ridiculous! Did the other little boy get in trouble? All kids should start the day at school with a clean slate. Sorry, but I am mad FOR you. Grrrr...
    Michael kissed a boy on the cheek once, too, and we had to explain that we only hug our friends. Ha!
    Your poor little guy getting put under. Geez. I bet that was a little emotional.

  4. ps - I think you should contact the teacher (without your son knowing) and make sure she has his whole version of the story. The other little guy sure got away with a lot.

  5. Oh, your poor baby! But look at how sweet and handsome he is! When will you get the results? And Trey is another looker! Geez girl, you've really popped out some gorgeous kids!
    Too funny about him punching the kids, but I've gotta say, "Good for you, Trey! Don't let anyone bully you! Wooooooo hoooooooooo!"

    Justine :o )

  6. What sweet pictures of Ty. I'm glad he did well for the scan.

    And, you know how I feel about Trey's ordeal. I'm proud of him for sticking up for himself. Of course, you did right telling him to go to the teacher next time.

    And, you also know how upset it made me that he went to the principals office for kissing the other kid. Geez! They are FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!

    I hope you all have fun today shopping for Marne's wedding dress!!

  7. i wanna know what you find out. he looks like an angel...cuz he is. blessings.

  8. I hope all the tests came out ok after the scan. He really does look so sweet in those pictures! As far as Trey, I am a school counselor and deal with that all the time. It's very normal. Just talk to him about telling the teacher, and if they wont listen, he can do things like count to 10 when he's feeling mad and wanting to hit someone, walk away, etc. It's ok to be mad and everyone gets mad, but the school rule says you can't hit, so tell the teacher and the other person will be in trouble and not you. If he says the teacher doesn't listen, then I would talk to the teacher and make it clear that he is trying to ask for help and that she should listen.

  9. I wanted to thank everybody for your advice and support. It's good to know I have a "normal" as can be child. I did call his teacher Friday and talk to her so when she gets there on Monday hopefully it will be handled well. :)

  10. It's a great pleasure to be parent .... but not always that easy! To be a grandfather is easier!

  11. Hello...
    I saw your post a couple days ago but didn't have time to comment... I wanted to say what a contrast those pics of Ty were... the sweet little sleeping face of a boy to the big heavy loud machines. It just kind of hit my heart. I'll send up a prayer for your little boy. And if you ever need any moral support for your kindergarten boy, remember that I have one too, and he is on a behavior chart. I didn't even know what a behavior chart WAS until he went to school. The girls never had issues like this. He has been sent to the principal's office. I have gotten phone calls. But secretly, I'm glad he's got some spunk in him. And it sounds like Trey does too. I believe God will smooth it all out as Luke grows older... and I'm sure He will be watching over your most handsome fella too. Have a great SNOW day!

  12. Glad you got to have the girls' night out!!

    I am praying that everything comes back good from Ty's ct-scan!

  13. I hope everything checks out ok with Ty. As for Trey, of course we don't want our kids to pick on each other and be violent but it's so frustrating to me that they get in trouble for defending themselves.


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