Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ty!

We celebrated Ty's 2nd Birthday this weekend. It was a small party with only family. I mean really it is about the only chance I am going to have to not have a big party for him. We decided to make it simple. He wanted to do the Car's theme.
One of his favorite things was this great activity table. He can use his cars and trains to play with it and the best part is the tracks don't come apart! No work for mom...

He loves Word World. They have the cutest toys out there for the show. This was actually plush letters that were held together with magnets. Love it!
I think my other kids were just as excited as he was about getting new stuff.


  1. love the birthday pics. like your wallpaper on your blog. it is very
    cute. hope to see you soon.

  2. Awwww... he had a nice birthday. I'm sure he is loving his new table! :)

    It's nice to have a year where you don't have to plan something big for their birthday.

  3. Oh, look at the big boy! Glad he had a great birthday!!

  4. Very cute! Happy Birthday, little man! Its funny how the littlest ones hardly get to even open their own presents! Big brothers and sisters have to get in on the fun!

  5. So cute. Your little one is cute celebrating his birthday. So fun. I miss the days when mine were small. Happy Birthday to Ty!

  6. (((Sigh!))))They are just growing up too fast! I can't believe how "grown up" he looks in that first pic. Looking more like daddy every day : )
    Happy, Happy Day to Ty!!


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