Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Annie at werehavingaball tagged me and I am going to try it. The instructions say to list 7 weird/random things about yourself. Here goes.

1) My fingers are double jointed. Actually not only mine are but my husband and all three of our children! I had never known anyone else like this and then I met my husband. Now we have added three more strange people to the world! lol
2) I love scary movies. I am not sure why I love them but I can't wait until October because they start showing them on TV. every year I watch the same ones, and when I new one comes out I get so excited. 
3) I have dreams about Tornados all the time! I haven't actually ever been in a tornado but I guess it is my idea of what it would be like. I have looked up what it means and dream books say that there is chaos in my life. I guess this is true!! I feel like I am always trying to juggle everything going on around me.

4) I never forget a face. My husband thinks it's crazy because I have actually been out and seen someone that I only met once and it could have been ten years ago and I will remember, also sometimes I have just seen a picture of someone and if I run into them I will know who they are from the picture even if it is a really old picture. On the other hand, I can't hardly ever remember phone numbers. Thank God for cell phones with phone books in them!!!
5) If there would be one food and drink I would have to choose to eat/drink for the rest of my life it would be Diet Coke and Tacos. Although I would have to throw in Chocolate..I would probably die without that!

6) I love knowing the name of a song and the singer/group. It is almost a game for my husband and I. We are huge music lovers. All kinds!! Everything from 50's to new music. If we hear a new song it is like a challenge for us to look it up and find out who sings it. Also, It will drive me crazy if I hear a song and can't figure out what the name of it is. I will get on the internet and type in all the key words trying to figure it out. I have actually been driving down the road and been writing lyrics down on a piece of paper and called Tom to find out what it was. Pretty Weird!!!

7) I am flat footed. It has been a problem I whole life. I have back problems and I had terrible leg aches as a child, I actually still get them sometimes. I don't like to walk very long because it makes my feet hurt really bad. If I could live somewhere that I never had to wear shoes I would. In the summer I live in flip flops because it's almost like not wearing shoes and in the winter I usually wear slip on shoes. I NEVER wear heals. On occasion I might wear those kitten heals but I even hate those. You probably won't ever catch me running a marathon.

So, who to tag?

I'll try these people:

Dawn @ Dawn's Place

Gina @  The Blackburn Bunch
DeeBee @ Rain or Shine
Dawn @ dawns diversions

Linnea @ neabear

Margo @ my5blessings


  1. You know, I hadn't ever thought about not seeing you in heels.

    You amaze me with how you know who sings all the songs! I'm clueless!

  2. thanks for playing along. AND thanks for tagging Dawn. I thought you would since you are best buds! I wanted to tag both of you but I figured you would tag each other anyway. I enjoyed reading your list. Two things I can't relate to. Liking scary movies (I can't stop the replay in my head) and knowing song titles. I just can't remember the names, but I think it is sooo cool that you can. Blessings on you today!

  3. Loved your answers -- I'm good with faces but not names. I also love scary movies. Thanks for sharing -- much Love


  4. Wow - what a coincidence about you and your husband being double jointed! Great pics on this post - especially the beautiful tornado!

  5. Thanks for visiting. I think my granddaughter is cute too. Of course I should, I'm the grandma. I just wish I was able to see her more often. I have only seen her once so far. Now I see you have tagged me. Hmm...I guess I have to think of 7 things about me.

  6. Hey - I'm double jointed too! Make that one more weirdo to add to the mix. Don't know about my kids, though.

  7. I love your answers! I am the same way with faces! I will post this tonight! Thanks!

  8. I have the weird finger joints just like you! And I love tacos. And I have been in a tornado. :)pp

  9. I have a little award for you on my blog! And, I finally got this meme you tagged me for finished! Whew! I'm ready to go lay back down! LOL


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