Monday, October 20, 2008

Horsing around

Here are some pictures taken last week of Grace cantering on Baron. This was the first time for her to canter on any horse, she was so excited. She has been taking riding lessons for a couple of years and loves it.


  1. Swwet! She does look excited! Wait, Grace is the horse right?


  2. I love to horse back ride! My sister has a lot of horses -- I may have to make a trip to go riding. She looks so big up there!I bet she was real proud of herself.

    Much Love

  3. She does look very happy. I think she has real potential to do this competitively!

  4. She looks so sweet and so tiny compared to that horse. What a great skill for her to learn at a young age. I fell off a horse once and have never gotten back on! I'm such a chicken!

  5. That looks fun. I have never really riden on a horse, except the merry-go-round kind. LOL! I am working on my 7 random things about me post. Hope to complete it soon.

  6. She looks so little on that big horse - but she has a great seat (I used to ride) nice and deep in the saddle! I'm jealous, I'd love to get into riding again. I have a dream of going for a big ride with my kids in the woods and fields... someday.


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