Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter "Bun Bun"

Here are a couple of pictures of Grace with her rabbit "Bun Bun".
As you can see he totally trust her. He barely lets anyone else even hold him. He is so soft he feels like cotton. His breed is a Mini Rex. They are known for their soft fur.
If you have thought about getting a new pet I would recommend a bunny. They are easy to care for and really sweet.
You just have to make sure they have enough space to move around. He has a nice hutch that he lives in. Also we keep him inside.
Easter is just around the corner...


  1. awwwww Michelle they are both adorable! lilest bean makes us take her to love a pet once a week so she can hold all the animals the store will let her hold...she so wants a bunny!

  2. I can't believe you keep him inside. We had rabbits when I was young and, they were messy... But your Bun Bun looks like he is really adapted well to humans, he is so cute!

  3. Awww... too cute. I'm afraid the giant dogs would eat the rabbit.
    Two things about my sister's rabbit when we were kids.
    1- They poop a lot and our lab used to eat it.
    2- It used to try to hump my arm all the time.
    Other than that, it was a great pet. LOL!

  4. That looks like a great bunny. It could probably hold its own against our little dogs.

  5. Oh my gosh, so adorable! I've never had a bunny.

  6. Bun Bun is too adorable!

    Bunnies have sad lives here in Portugal. We just returned from the Market where cute little bunnies were in cages awaiting their doom....Easter dinner.

  7. how old is that one... it looks so big?!?! i'm not a big animal person so i'm wondering... do rabbits smell bad???

  8. Awwww... Bun Bun is so cute! I can't believe he's trusting enough to let Grace lay him on his back!

    Justine :o )

  9. Great and funny post. I love this bunny. We're about to celebrate Easter too.

  10. Such cute pictures! And now I am caught up on your blog! Yay!!

  11. They don't smell at all. They keep themselves clean.
    I can't believe that people eat them for Easter dinner! That could give Grace nightmares! lol
    We had him "fixed" so we don't have any male hormone problems.

  12. Well, how cool are you, Mom??? Love the pics!

  13. He lookes to soft and squishy! I just want to squeeze him. Love the picture of Grace with Bun Bun lying on his back!

  14. Happy Grace, happy bunny!

    ... and Happy Easter to the whole family!

  15. The Easter bunny brought baby bunnies to the girls once. Lucky & Bashful. We had them for a long time until something got in the yard and ate them! The girls loved them-they rode around with them in the Barbie Jeep!

  16. Too cute!! My daughter calls her rabbit Le Bun Bun. LOL

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